Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well I got something to write about!?!?!

For long, I've been thinking about what to write in a blog?! Many things have crossed my mind - why not something philosophical or politics or some environmental issues or some personal experience. Once I was very much pushed to write about Condoleezza Rice's explanation for not apologizing to bombing a Pakistani village thinking that some terrorists in their "Most Wanted" list are hiding there. But you know, I did not have access to a computer to write about it Image (I know, I know, its a lame excuse but its the truth). Even now I actually dont have anything specific to write about. So I thought why not write about what exactly went through my mind to start my blogging.

Many things cross my mind when I drive to work or while I drive back home. Often, I have started wondering what purpose do I serve now? Life seem very mechanical and many questions comes along with it. If I start asking the question "Why?" to everything, it leaves me with a lot of questions many making a lot of sense. One of the questions, about which I have been thinking quite often is "Is our mind really capable of doing more?". I guess, right from our birth, we are trained to get the sense of time. Our brain gets into a mechanical rhythm. I wonder what if, we don't know what time is? Many of the words that we know, will not have any sensible meaning. I guess our mind might be working more efficiently than it is right now. When we concentrate on something more seriously then we don't realize the time factor. We infact lose the sense of it. And we dont get the usual fatigue if we concentrate. So I think the control actually lies in our mind. All these years, we are trained to fit to some schedule. Day in and day out, we are into some mechanical routine. I guess thats why some people go to some forrest and start meditating to get a feel for how really it will be to have a life without the sense of time. There are constant reminders about time all around us.

The eyes are a very important input device to our brain. If we shut it off and try to see through our mind we will get this feeling "Oh my God! what a confusion I am???". After a few minutes, you realize, "... you know what, I ain't gonna worry about anything...". That very moment you get a strange sensation yet very relaxing. I would attribute that relaxing sensation to the absense of our constant reminders and the routine. Sometimes, it makes me feel that, I will be able to do all those extravagant stunt shown in the movie Matrix. It infact makes sense to me that if we are not trained about the sense of time or the sense of any physical thing, then our mind would be capable of doing things that we think we are not capable of doing - like jumping some 30-40 yards, for example.

Its a never ending quest - trying to understand why do we need this sense of time and how we came about discovering or inventing it. I guess, whoever thought about this figured that it will help understand the chaos of life, by sticking it to a common reference frame. I guess, the quantification of the never ending axis of time into conceivable packets has made it hard for us to get us out of it!?!?! I getting sleepy. I'll be back with some more of my questions and confusions...