Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Butterfly Effect!

Hmmm... Its be a while since I sat down to write. Well quite a hibernation! Awwwwwwwwwwww... excuse me! One thing that got me during these days was the bombing of the trains in Mumbai and the fight in Lebanon. If I try to look at the situation from the lives of the innocent people who became the victims, I wonder what a life we live. We claim ourselves to be the civilized. But are we? I sometimes feel that earth would be better of in all respects, if one species has not come into being - the humans.

Its very hard to take an ethical stand in a land torn in war and communal riots. But one thing made sense to me was - the butterfly effect. For somebody's business and political interests (The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil), innocent people lose their lives and livelyhood. Actions of few people in some part of the world has a huge impact on somebody's life (Israel and Turkey plan energy pipeline). Everything is about money and power. Every company has to keep its share holders happy. Any share holder who buys some stock cannot think about the entire consequences of his small action. He/She is buying stocks to make money so that they can lead a decent life. I am not trying to say that whoever is involved in the business of stocks is responsible for everything thats happening in this world. The power of the money and the greedy nature of the humans is the root cause for most of the mess around the world.

Environmental degradation due to industrialization is another good example of butterfly effect. All these thoughts drove me to one question: What is correct? How can you lead a life without impacting others - not just humans, but any living thing on earth? I guess these subtle impacts is what making life a big challenge?!?!? On the contrary, what if, we do not know what money is??? Will that make this earth a better place??? The most logical answer that we can come up with will be: "we cannot say it conclusively". Its very hard to think in that line of thought as we have become very much dependant on it. But one can say this: "Some problems, if not all, are definitely due to the obsession that some has over money".