Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tag 8!?

Finally I made it, Badri!

It's actually interesting to read about random things that happened in some body's life! But its hard to pick 8 random things in my life!?!?! I tried hard and picked these...

  • Getting lost in the middle of the night with my classmates in the tea plantations near Ooty on the very first day of our trekking expedition to Mudumalai is definitely one among them. It happened when I was in my 11th standard.
  • I went directly to a University setting after my high school. Few weeks after joining, took part in the university hostel strike just because we were asked to be a part of it. Not knowing why me and my friends are sitting in the middle of the road in the name of strike is funny when I think about it now. Imagine 6 guys who just completed high school and the rest in the gang being at least 3-5 years elder to us and very large in size too. I was the eldest among the 6 people. Now imagine us sitting in the middle of the road that goes from Madurai to Kambam with people shouting to the hostel authorities and police, in their night dress and some having their toothbrush and tooth paste with them. Add to this setting, few buses and trucks behind us. We were sitting there wondering whether the next place will be a jail or police station!?!? Luckily the strike got over in few hours with our demands accepted (at least for that moment).
  • I failed in computer science in my high school but ended up learning computers to earn my bread. My friend who wanted to be a computer engineer ended up becoming a Mechanical engineer which I wanted to study. But now I wish I studied economics which I thought to be the most boring subjects of all in my school days.
  • I watch a lot of movies. Favourites include - The Shawshank redemption, 12 Angry men, Forrest Gump, Rear Window, To kill a mocking bird, Matrix trilogy, all Pixar movies and short films, Ice Age, Mahanadhi, Nayagan, Anbe Sivam, Parasakthi and much more.
  • Read only one book so far - The Fountainhead. Two books are half way through and another one 75% complete.
  • Love to go on treks and on adventure trips. If I have enough money would love to set foot on all continents of the world (Landing on airports cannot be counted).
  • Interesting and yet funny moment was getting caught by the teacher for sleeping during the class. I was sitting in the first row right in front of her. She did not see me sleeping as she was holding the book close to the chest. At the end of the class when she folded the book she found me sleeping. :)) She woke me up and I looked at her half sleep. She was teaching history on a hot summer day!
  • Another interesting rather difficult moment was when the entire guys population of the computer science department was against me for asking questions in the class conducted by the most beautiful lecturer of the department. The bad part was I was not the one to ask the question that made her cry.

Done! It is really hard to think of things that happened in the past and write it in an way that some one could read! Badri I completed the assignment!



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