Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ten things...

One of the toughest job for me is to make list of things around a central theme. Such an assignment came to me through Badri's blog. The assignment is to make a list of 10 things or brands without which life will be harder for me!

The first and the obvious entry in my list is - Tea. Any one who knew me or were around me knows why :) No preference on the brand but very particular about the aroma and flavour. Wish some day I will be on tea tourism!

Next in line will be a nice fit Levi's or Wrangler jeans pant. I can say for sure the odds of finding a ready made jeans pant that fits you perfectly will be quite high.

My computer will definitely be in the list. Dont mistake me to be a tech junkie. But you know its my bread winner!

Even though I dont have it yet but I am sure this will be in my top 10 things to have - a Blackberry Pearl :) You will understand why I am so excited about this phone. I used to have a Nokia 6010 and currently having a Nokia 6030.

Ah I wonder how come this did not strike me as the second most important thing in my life. Its nothing but a delicious chicken dish (any cuisine)!!! :)

Music is definitely part of everyone's life in some form. In mine, its filled with the Maestro's. I am one of the fanatics of this great guy! Imagine driving down on a scenic highway feeling the sunshine on your skin and the wind finding its way through and this man's song to give you company - oooooh my goodness that's like heaven. Apart from that, any instrumental piece that can make me dance even though I am pathetic :D:)

A decent and comfortable sandals or shoes is my next important item given my foot condition - flat foot with thumb angled approximately 45 degrees!

Internet, movies and TV comes at a distant 8th, 9th and 10th.

Finally I made it! Phewwww!!!

Its now my turn to pass on the baton!


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Badhri said...

Tagged again! :) visit blacknike for details!