Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kannathil Muthamittal ?!

I will say this is one of those movies which will have a fresh appeal every time you see it. The fresh appeal is because of the stories that you hear due to war. I get more critical about the movie every time I watch it. The whole movie revolves around a small girl who comes to know on her 9th birthday that she is an adopted child. She also learns that her biological mother is from a small village in Sri Lanka and she gave birth to her in a refugee camp at Rameswaram. One aspect of the movie that makes me feel that it could have been still better is the way the 9 year old girl is portrayed. I felt she was acting way above her age. I certainly could not imagine how a 9 year old girl will perceive the truth about her parents. Especially when it comes to the longing to see her biological mother. Sometimes it made me feel that the 9 year old is portrayed as a girl in her mid-teens.

One of the scene that moved me and also at the same time made me feel "that is an excellent portrayal of the script" is when the writer writes his piece for a magazine about the new born baby and the condition of the refugees. Showing the background scene in black and white and the writer's words in his own hand writing appearing in blue ink - captures the whole emotion of the article. The black and white images slowly becomes frail black figures on the back drop of the glittering waters of the sea.

The climax of the movie where the child finally meets her biological mother along with her adopted parents is packed with emotions. I would say no one in the climax scene would have acted. The performance of each actor in the climax scene at Subramanyam Park, was excellent. Even though the scene is packed with emotions all they had to do was - react to the situation. The only spoiler, in my opinion in that scene, is the music that accompanies in the back ground. I felt like gosh - silence would have punctuated the scene perfectly. Silence would have conveyed to the audience the collective emotions of all the characters in that scene. Silence would have conveyed the pain of both the mothers and the child and others.

If I had the opportunity to decide the ending for this movie, I think I would not have opted for the meeting of the mother and the child. The meeting at the park should have to be arranged but the actual meeting should not have happened. Part of her wants to jump off and run toward her child. But the caring and sacrificing nature of any mother, makes her stand at a distance and see her child. She leaves from there with that indescribable pain. But she gets on with her life with the satisfaction that her child is having a peaceful life. That realization will give her the courage to deal with her guilt and continue with her struggle to ensure peace in the land she was born. It sure will be a disappointment for the child, but with the unconditional love of her adopted parents she would have gotten through just fine. I think this would have been a more realistic ending. The song "Vellai pookal ulagam engum malaravey" would have been more apt to this ending. That song bubbles with hope for a better future, which is what she wants to ensure in that war torn land for many children including hers. What do u think???

But on the whole, the movie is simply GREAT!

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Prakash Gomathinayagam said...

yeah it is one of the good Tamil movies in must-watch list.
1) I think, This generation is much faster and advanced than our experience I guess.
2) Yep Silent wud be better, I felt the same
3) She might want to touch her daughter. so I think, it was ok. Like last puff. I know it is bad analogy, but that is what I know :)