Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are we out of an assembly line?!

Often I wonder why some people fight madly when it comes to the matter of faith or religion or caste or whatever you want to call it. So many things happen simply because of this one reason. If I just consider the events that happened after I started to get a grip on these matters, the apparent fact that stands out is lives of millions of people are ruined. Rwandan massacre, religious and caste based conflicts in India, Middle east problem and the list goes on...

One question for which I do not have the answer yet is this - from which stage in life does a man get that strong bondage with religion or caste? And what makes him feel so proud about it? If we simply take a look back from the day we were born, I wonder at what stage or age does that feeling gets such a strong grip mentally! At birth we do not choose a religion or caste or sect or whatever. We don't even choose our parents. We inherit few things from our parents genetically. Apart from that every child is told by their parents that they belong to a certain sect or religion or caste, when we don't have any idea about what it means to belong to a certain faith or caste. Even our parents were told about it, when they were born. So religion or caste or sect is not a conscious choice made by everyone. That being said, when does one get that intense feel about the faith or religion. Needless to say about a lot of people who do harm to others for that cause. The same argument applies to race or color too.

I am sure that we are not a product out of an assembly line for which the options are chosen by some one. God or the supreme power that holds everything in this universe together does not have an assembly line to churn out various forms of life. He does not have a supply chain to fill in orders - 3 million cat fishes, 400000 trees, 500000 male human babies, 600000 female human babies, 70000 ants and so on... He does not have a manufacturing process in place to classify like this - of the 500000 male human babies 200000 of them are Christians, 100000 of them are Muslims, 60000 Hindus, 50000 Buddhists, etc... And of the 200000 Christian babies 100000 of them are Catholics and the rest Protestants.

Every man at best lives for about 60-70 years on an average. This is a minuscule period when compared to the grand scheme of time. Why couldn't we just live our life and let others live and enjoy?!


Prakash Gomathinayagam said...

The explanation was given by Osho or SadhGuru, I don't remember. Let me try to reproduce it ...
Man is afraid of being alone. To cover up his fear, he wants to be part of a group. There are so many choices, so what ever circumstance is leading, he can identify himself with a certain group.
Another reason. All human wants to grow so that he can achieve the greatest of greatest height. That is why many people want to become rich (material height), do-more-goods/self-sacrifice ( spiritual height ). By identifying with a group, he can quickly heightens himself to some level (imagination).

Imagine, who is great. you or India?. If you identify yourself as Indian., with India itself, you can get a feel for yourself as much bigger than you can imagine yourself.

All these happens because we don't know about ourselves (meaning without relating outside). that is why it is hard for us to do meditation (which means going inside as opposed to outside). Thats were Fear and Greed sprouts and makes us join in groups to give fake comfort/satisfaction.

My words and meaning could be wrong. pls double check by googling or youtube.

Prakash Gomathinayagam said...

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